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[Last Updated May 14th]

Ride Schedule:

May is designated by the League of American Bicyclists as National Bike Month. VCRR will be doing its part to celebrate, with several events on our schedule. Both of the regular VCRR Group rides planned for May will include potluck lunches at private homes, and I've posted two other public cycling events as well. Since a majority of VCRRians ride trikes, we're upsizing to a six-week-long Trike Month by adding the first two weeks of June.

RSVP! RSVP! RSVP! For our Third Saturday ride this month, we've set up another (very popular!) potluck lunch and ride at the Poehls' in Simi. Barb will provide her (very popular!) chicken tortilla soup, and other folks will show up with the rest of the makings for a great backyard lunch. As for the past few years, it's a very good idea, not only to RSVP! RSVP! RSVP! if you plan to participate, but to call (805-527-1888) or email ( ) Barb to coordinate the potluck mix. You can contribute to the potluck by bringing a favorite foodstuff; salad, chips, dessert or cornbread. If you prefer, just pitch in $5 or so.

We'll meet this Saturday (5/19) at the home of Barb and Bob, 2474 Moraga Court in Simi Valley. The GPS-impaired can get there by exiting the Ronald Reagan (or Simi Valley) Freeway (CA-118) onto southbound Erringer. Turn left (east) onto Cochran then the next two lefts onto Orangewood (there's no street name change for that second turn), and finally the next right onto Moraga to the 4th house on the right near the end of the cul-de-sac; park on the street anywhere you can. We'll meet at 9 AM for munchies and coffee, planning to be on the road between 9:30 and 9:45. Bob & Barb have planned two different routes so that riders can choose between scenic challenging hills (recommended by Barb), a relatively flat ramble, or a mix of the two. The rides will be between about 20 and 30 miles, with at least a few short grunt climbs. After the ride, we will meet back at Barb & Bob's for a potluck lunch. AGAIN: Please, please RSVP! RSVP! RSVP! to let Barb know right away if you think you might join us this weekend.

There's also a fee-based public ride in Camarillo with varying distances that same day. On the following weekend (5/25-28) the Great Western Bicycle Rally is scheduled for in Paso Robles. We may also toss in a somewhat Almost Impromptu Ride and Group Lunch Number 3 in Oxnard; please watch this space! In June, we're expecting to schedule VCRR Group Rides as usual, and some of us will take part in very popular large scale public rides as well: COLT in Chatsworth and TaterTOT way up in Idaho. This is a brief listing of preliminary plans for upcoming rides:

  • Saturday, May 19th: Third Saturday VCRR Group Ride and Tortilla Soup Lunch, The Poehls in Simi Valley
  • Saturday, May 19th: Ride for the Red Camarillo
  • Friday-Sunday, May 25-28th: Great Western Bicycle Rally, Paso Robles
  • Saturday or Sunday, May 27th or 28th: Almost Impromptu Ride and Group Lunch? - Oxnard
  • Saturday, June 2nd: First Saturday VCRR Group Ride; SUGGESTIONS?
  • Sunday, June 10th: Chatsworth Orange Line Tour, Chatsworth
  • Saturday, June 16th: Third Saturday VCRR Group Ride; SUGGESTIONS?
  • Saturday, June 23rd thru Wednesday, June 27th: TaterTOT, Kellogg ID

PLEASE[!]: If you have a suggestion for group ride for any of the next few months, please share. We're always especially eager to hear from anyone who's been aching to plan, execute and lead the gang on his, her or their favorite venue.


We've added this new section and service to our webpage: free listings for recumbent bicycles and tricycles up for sale, trade or wanted, either by or of potential interest to the folks who frequent this website. In its first weeks of operation, this new option may have helped, along with BROL's Classified section and the local Craigslist, to transition more than a dozen trikes and bikes from unwanted clutter to actually used cycles. We're also planning to add a section for cycle parts, accessories and clothing. If you'd like to post here and/or if you need help putting any cycles gathering dust in your storage areas, please ping me by email or by phone for the info you'll need to get your ad into the mix. CAVEAT AND RED-FACED ADMISSION: I have been procrastinating a bit to post new additions; more later... maybe better?


Recent History:

Are We Having Fun Yet?Click for More Pix 5/5/2018: Bicycle Month started for us with a ride and potluck at the Maguires' beach house on Faria Beach. About 20 of us met at Mission Park, with the usual coffee and munchies, and handed off our potluck offerings to Bill before heading west on Main Street to the beachfront bikepath. We rode up the Omer Rains Coastal Bikeway, separating into subgroups, with the faster folks leading the way. We had a little bit of chaos with riders returning for forgotten items or to don warmer clothing for the surprisingly damp and chilly weather. As we rode out onto the old Pacific Coast Highway, we had a brief battle with a cool headwind as the coastal overcast began to blow up and away. But then the sun began working its way through the haze to give us a bright sunny Spring day. Each person or subgroup picked an appropriate turnaround point so that we all arrived for lunch at about the same time, some folks climbing Rincon Hill, while the Pokey Patrol flipped at the Seacliff Fire Station. The ride was between about 25 and 40 miles, with a few short grunt climbs. On the return, everyone popped in for lunch with Bill and Gloria, including a few who had chosen not to ride for whatever reason. We had a great time visiting and sampling all the different foodstuff, before the time came to head back home. The breeze on the beach stayed a little cool, even into midafternoon, and became a nice tailwind for that last eight miles back down to Ventura. Most of the pix (and all of the BUTTSHOTS!) are from Vince this time.

Group ShotClick for More Pix 4/21/2018:Ten of us started this short, easy ride from the northwestern corner of the Seabridge Marina development in Oxnard. There were no newbies this time; even the Catrike Stephen rode has been on previous VCRR rides with a different pilot. We did a looping tour of all the Seabridge and Channel Islands marinas before a pit stop at Oxnard State Beach. After the pit stop we separated a bit with our more eager cyclists extending their route to include an extra 5 miles or so by continuing on up Harbor to Gonzales before the return down Victoria to meet the rest of us for lunch at Pirates. Lunch was a little bit of a disappointment, since they apparently didn't have quite the right kitchen crew that day; our meals were mostly what we'd ordered, but the food came out in twos and threes over a 15-minute period. This venue is a pretty easy, fairly flat ride, 20 to 25 miles, and the weather was virtually perfect. After a bit of pre-ride tire repair, we made it through the rest of the day with no mechanical issues. Those blue skies in the pix by Rolly and me are pretty much as we saw them. Be sure to check out Rolly's video, using the link below.

VinceClick for More Pix 4/7/2018: This weekend's VCRR Group Ride was a road trip to ride the western half of the San Fernando Valley. About a dozen folks showed up for this rain delayed ride, splitting into two groups so that the slower and faster riders would arrive at our lunch stop around the same time. After the usual coffee and morning munchies, we started from the parking lot of the Balboa Tennis Center. Vince led the more energetic group on a 5-mile loop around the Sepulveda Basin, while I rode with the Pokey Patrol on the basic loop up (in a very literal sense) White Oak Avenue, through the CSUN campus, then along Reseda to Rinaldi. The Faster Folks got to the Souplantation a little ahead of us, but we socialized before the much more pleasant downhill return, zooming down the western end of Rinaldi and Brown's Barranca. Unfortunately, once we reached the Orange Line bikepath, our troubles began with goathead thorns. Barb and I both had big stickers that we managed to pluck from tires before they punctured, but Stephen and Dawn weren't quite so lucky. In the heat of early afternoon we battled the usual tire repairs and finally got on the trail again. Stephen opted to take a break just before we made the turn at the southwestern corner of our route and wait for Deena to pick him up with their truck. However, he tripped in the parking lot, banging his head and acquiring a big gash over his eyebrow. Deena returned to keep him company while Dawn, Kay and I met Vince on our somewhat faster paced dash back to Balboa. Astonishingly, both of Dawn's front tires were flat as we loaded her trike, and Barb reported a post-ride flat as well. We zipped over to pick up Stephen for a visit to the Las Robles ER, where he was thoroughly scanned and evaluated, then stitched back together by a cosmetic surgeon who was conveniently accessible in the hospital on a lovely Spring weekend. Stephen's damage was mostly the cut and typical effects of a relatively non-critical concussion. The photo is posted at Stephen's insistence, despite Deena's and my reluctance. Any reports circulating about my having used indelicate language in reference to goathead thorns are strictly unfounded rumors.

I posted two GPS routing files for this venue: one for the Faster Folks in TCX (Garmin routing) format, and the other for the Pokey Patrol in GPX (basic or Magellan Cyclo) format with the optional river detour.

Wayne & KayClick for More Pix 3/31/2018: Motivated by the rained out cancellations of the first two VCRR Group Rides this month plus the 3-week gap before our First Saturday Ride in April, we took advantage of the lovely Spring weather forecast for a Fifth Saturday VCRR Road Trip and Group Ride at Santa Clarita. About 15 of us participated at some point, including newby Chuck. Some folks called this 'The Lightning Ride' – because there were five of the SWBs born in Lompoc, definitely not because of the speed. After the usual coffee and munchies (some homemade by Q) we started from Valencia Heritage Park up the hill on Newhall Ranch Road. Guided by Chicago on a surprise route, we looped through the industrial park, crossed the river on the Lost Boys Bridge and made our first pit stop at McD's on McBean. From there we did the usual loop out to Golden Valley Road and back along Soledad Canyon. Our leader took us down Newhall Creek to some unfamiliar, but very well chosen, paseos before the lunch stop at the Westfield Valencia Shopping Center food court. This route had a bit of climbing, and was about 25 miles long. All the pix are from Rolly, before he blew out a tire.

Cruisin' RiverparkClick for More Pix 3/17/2018: Our Third Saturday VCRR Group Ride, on St. Patrick's Day, was a lowkey celebration of Ireland's legendary serpent suppresser. We started from our home in northeastern Oxnard, and after the usual coffee and morning munchies we finally got on the road around 9:50. Fourteen of rode about a 23-mile loop north to RiverPark and east Ventura. Newbies for this weekend were Melinda and Lance (riding a unicycle all the way – very competently!) The ride went very well with no mechanical issues; there were a couple of difficult road crossings through moderately heavy traffic. After the turnaround at Thille Park we zoomed down Johnson Drive to return home and gobble some Gaelic goodies, including Irish Stew, Shepherd's Pie and Soda Bread. Five more folks joined us for the backyard picnic, and one of them even brought along some highly appropriate Guiness beverages. For the curious, on our website there is a GPS track for the ride route in GPX format. Pix were shot by Alan and me.

Other News:

PERSONALIZED VCRR SAFETY FLAGS: Some of you may have noticed the new safety flags that Kay and I had on our trikes for the last few rides, as shown in the ride pix. These flags are sloppy prototypes for a similar attention getter specific to VCRR that some folks have suggested over the last few years. We're still trying to come up with a good design, hoping for a practical flag, printed double-sided on a durable, slightly flexible material (which should have a very long useful life), with a sleeve for attaching to a standard 1/4" or 6mm fiberglass pole, hemmed with a binding and including optional fluttering ribbons with or without reflective stripes. Once we've finalized a design, flags can be individually personalized with pretty much any photo that's been published on our VCRR website over the last five years or so. Materials for a flag will cost less than ten dollars; if Kay and I attach (sew on) the sleeving, edge binding and ribbons, the cost for each finished flag will probably be about $25, and there will be no guarantee of impeccable workmanship. [PLEASE NOTE: No slave or child labor will be employed in production.] So-o-o... if you're interested in getting one of these flags, please ping us, either by phone or email. Let us know if you want a specific photo image or our generic choice on your flag, and whether you want raw materials only or a finished flag.

GPS – FUNCTION OR FUN?: I've been setting up some GPS-based aides (or entertainment) for some of our VCRR group rides recently. Even if you have no interest in riding with a GPS unit for routing, I'd suggest that even one of the simple units which have only 'bread crumb mapping' or none at all may be an appealing alternative to a wheel-driven speedometer/odometer. It can be a very pleasant way to avoid the annoyances of cable routing or wireless connectivity that doesn't work well, especially on a tadpole. Virtually all cycling GPSs will record the course (path) as you ride and allow you to transfer it to your PC for post-ride viewing and/or statistics (distance, speed, elevations). I wholeheartedly recommend using Google Earth's flyover for a dynamic (video) look at where you've been; I've posted a sample screen capture video of a flyover for the Pokey Patrol route from Pitts Ranch Park to CSUCI on YouTube. You can also use recorded tracks to interact with one of the internet sites like RideWithGPS, GPSies or MapMyRide.

RIDE VIDEOS AND OTHER PIX: Rolly has posted videos from several recent VCRR Group Rides for public viewing on YouTube at this link. We are expecting to post more videos over the next few months, and, of course, your feedback is eagerly solicited. There is also a series of older video clips posted on YouTube, on 'TheVCRR' channel, at this URL. There is a VCRR photo archive on Flickr; to view it, start at this URL. Vincent has posted some of our ride pix to the Recumbent Trikes Group on Facebook (one of several).

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T FORGET!: COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE EAGERLY[!] SOLICITED FOR OUR REGULAR GROUP RIDES THOUGHOUT 2018, AS WELL AS FEEDBACK FOR THIS WEBSITE, RIDE NOTICES, PHOTOS, RIDE VIDEOS, ROUTE SHEETS, MAPS AND VIDEO FLYOVERS. We are seriously looking for fairly immediate suggestions for the next few VCRR Group Rides, either in person, by phone or email. We will continue sending email notices a few days before each upcoming ride, at least for the next couple of months. Please let me know if you want to make any changes to our email list.

If you newbies or folks who haven't ridden with the group for a while need help or more information for getting to any of our rides, please email or phone me. Our home phone number – usually the best way to talk to us – is 805-981-0339. If we're not home you can also try my cell phone: 805-201-5107. Text messages will not work on our home phone, and are seriously discouraged for the cell phone. Don't even think about Facebook or Twitter! For convenience my email link is: